7 Quick Bodyweight Workout Moves You Can Practice Anywhere, Anytime (No Equipment Needed)

Excuses are like armpits – everyone has them, and they all stink! Luckily, excuses really don’t stand a chance against this do-anywhere, no-equipment-needed bodyweight workout here to save the day (and your busy-season bod).

In fact, the busier and more go-go-go life gets, the more your body needs some TLC in the form of endorphins and sweat.

But, it’s a little bit of a catch-22: When you find yourself with less time and energy, there is that much more reason for you to sneak in a workout – even just a quick one.

The busier and more go-go-go life gets, the more your body needs some TLC in the form of endorphins and sweat.

By fitting in say a 30-minute full body workout, you’ll find your energy and productivity levels naturally rising during the remaining 23.5 hours of your day. Not to mention, exercise keeps us less stressed, sleeping better, and generally better able to handle what life throws our way.

Whether you’re going home from college for the summer, taking a vacation, or simply looking for a quick workout on the go – if you have enough space to change clothes in, you have enough space for these do-anywhere workout moves!

Wherever you are, get ready for your full bodyweight workout!

Practice These 7 Workout Moves Anywhere, Anytime for a Quick, No Equipment, Bodyweight Workout:

Bonus: all of these workout moves can be done totally silently, so no waking sleeping housemates or bothering those downstairs neighbors. Plus, this is a total no equipment workout, so no excuses!

Here comes your full body workout burn!

1. Stationary or Walking Lunges


You can easily do lunges in place and get a great burn, either alternating legs or doing 10 to 15 reps on one leg before switching to the next. If you have space (such as a long hallway), do traveling lunges to mix things up, or add a pulse at the bottom for an extra quad torcher.


2. Wall Sits


Wall squats are the ultimate low-space, bodyweight leg-burner. These may look simple, but try for 30 seconds (or even 60) and you’ll feel the burn in your quads and hamstrings.

3. Planks


Never underestimate the effectiveness of a simple plank. You can try variations on your palms or down on your elbows, or moving up and down between the two to raise your heart rate a bit.

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4. Glute Bridges


One of the best ways to torch your hams and booty muscles without weights is with a series of glute bridges. You can plant your feet flat on the floor or on the seat of a couch or chair – just make sure it’s a steady surface – and raise your booty off the ground. Hold for a count or two at the top before lowering back down.

5. Triceps Dips


Your bodyweight is more than enough to feel the burn with some dips. Drop down on the ground or use the edge of a bench or couch (as long as it’s sturdy) and focus on keeping your elbows in against your ribcage as you lower your bodyweight down toward the ground and then back up.

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6. Push-Ups


You don’t need a space any bigger than your body for push-ups. They work your entire upper body, are totally quiet, and make you feel like a badass. You can lower to your knees, do full-fledged push-ups, or plant your arms narrow or wide for impact on different parts of your arms.


7. Pulsing Squats


Another silent and basically zero-floorspace move, you can’t beat a classic squat. You also don’t need weights to feel the burn in your booty – just up the reps and add some pulses. Keep your movements small and stay low to max out the burn. You’ll thank us tomorrow.

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All You Need Is Your Own Bodyweight and These Workout Moves for a Killer, Full Body Workout!

You can do one set of 10 of each of these workout moves or do three sets of 10, before moving onto the next. You can try just a few moves, or run through the entire list as a circuit.

Do with them as you want – just get moving!

When you start viewing fitness as a habit, just like brushing your teeth or drinking water, you’ll never have to “get back on track” again. Fitness won’t be a now and again thing, but will have a sustainable, long-term place in your life.

No space, no gym, no problem!

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