Yoga Celeb Dylan Werner Just Released a Music Video

Dylan Werner had a big year. The 35 year old yogi is blazing a trail for men to take up yoga and he is doing it with bravado. You may know him from his multiple viral YouTube videos of Dylan defying gravity with some of the most insane asanas we’ve ever seen, or maybe you’ve seen him on Instagram where he shares the spotlight with the likes of the Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson as the top 30 fitness Instagram accounts to follow – he has over 400k followers. There’s also a chance you’ve taken a yoga class from Dylan Werner somewhere in the world, or maybe you’ve taken one of his many online classes on CodyApp. This dude is busy!
But there was something we didn’t know about Dylan. He is in a band.
Whatever Dylan! As if standing on one finger isn’t impressive enough, you had to go and be a talented musician too. Well hats off to you.
The band, SHVA, is Dylan Werner, Jayson Madore and Mathew Troy. Friends and musicians since middle school and bandmates since high school, the trio has explored most aspects of music including Rock, Alternative and Trance over the past twenty years. After immersing themselves in careers, cultures, and the chaos that comes through a life well lived, they are now exploring the world of New Age and Soundscape with their debut album as SHVA, “Mantra and Kirtan”.

SHVA exists out of a drive to share the truths we have found through sound and song, and hope the listener is open and willing to dive deeper into a more heartfelt and pure understanding of their personal journey.


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