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On and Off the Mat Yoga Style Guide With Onzie

If you’re a yogi, odds are you live in your yoga clothing as often as possible. You constantly find yourself reaching for that same pair of beloved yoga leggings before class, and you’re always scheming ways to sneak your yoga gear into your work or daily ensemble. Let’s be real – if we could, we would live in our yoga clothes! And why not?! They’re super comfy, form-fitting, and functional. You can sit cross-legged comfortably for hours – take that jeans! So what if we could take our yoga clothes with us from sunup to sundown (and all the sun salutations in between) without skipping a beat or ever having to wear a constricting, uncomfortable outfit again?
We have teamed up with Onzie to show you just how easy it is to embrace your yoga fashion and make it work for you! Whether you’re on the mat, running errands, hanging with friends, or out for a night on the town, you’ve got options that will look as good as they feel. Now that’s something to get excited about!

The Casual

You’re active. You wake up, you exercise, you take your dog for a walk. You go to work, you run errands, you catch a yoga class. You lead a fast-paced life, and you need an outfit that can keep up with you!
Printed yoga leggings are all the rage these days, but the Graphic Leggings ($74) by Onzie stand out from the crowd. The beautiful mandala designs in rich blues, pinks, oranges, and black make these pants versatile – you can pair them with any color.
Shop this look: Onzie Graphic Leggings ($74), Onzie Nama Tank – Hamsa ($45),  Jade Harmony Professional Yoga Mat ($74.95) 

Speaking of pairing, try the Nama Tank – White Hamsa ($45) for a casual, sporty and fashionable look. This outfit works great for all of your daytime activities too! Just throw on a cute pair of comfy shoes, a nice jean jacket (the denim accents the blues in the leggings nicely), and you’re good to go!
Shop this look: Onzie Graphic Leggings ($74), Onzie Nama Tank – Hamsa ($45), Converse ($60),  Mossimo Hooded Denim Jacket ($34.99), Liforme Mat ($120)

Boring but important: The Graphic Leggings are sized in X/S, S/M, and M/L (featured in X/S in the photos) and are made with Free-Flow Fabric Technology that’s ultra sweat-wicking and dries fast. The Nama Tank – White Hamsa is 100% cotton and comes in either S/M or M/L (featured in S/M).

Dressed Up

You get off work, catch a yoga class if you didn’t get to one this morning, meet friends for happy hour, go out to dinner. Let’s find you an outfit that’s sassy, classy, and able to go from yoga mat to happy hour without skipping a beat.
Shop this look: Liforme Mat ($120), Onzie Long Legging in Pinstripe  ($67), Onzie Mesh Halter ($32) 

We love the Long Leggings in Pinstripe ($65) – these leggings are flirty, sophisticated, and stylish, but stay true to Onzie’s fantastic fit and functionality.
Pair these luscious leggings with the sexy and supportive Mesh Halter ($45) for a unique and fun duo that’s sure to impress. Ready to leave the yoga studio and go socialize? Grab your favorite pair of heels, throw on a classic and sophisticated peacoat, and you just took your yoga fashion to a whole new level!
Shop this look: Gym Tote ($54), Onzie Long Legging in Pinstripe ($67) , Onzie Mesh Halter ($32), H&M Pea Coat ($32) 

Boring but important: The Long Leggings in Pinstripe are made out of a polyester/spandex blend and are offered in X/S, S/M, and M/L (featured in X/S). The Mesh Halter has a keyhole opening in the back and is sized in S/M and M/L (featured in S/M).

Or Best of Both Worlds . . .

The best part about yoga clothing is its versatility! You can pair basically any top with any leggings you own, so having just a few outfits in your repertoire means tons of mix and matching opportunities! Did you lend your bestie your Onzie Graphic Leggings, but you’re really in the mood to wear that Hamsa tank? Pair the tank with the Pinstripe leggings – the silver in the Hamsa design brings out the silver in the pinstripes for a look that’s casual yet confident, sleek and comfortable.
Shop this look: Onzie Long Legging in Pinstripe ($67) , Hamsa Tank ($45), Vans ($63.99)

Are your Pinstripe Onzie leggings in the laundry hamper, but you’re dying to wear that adorable Mesh Halter to your next vinyasa flow? No worries! Pair the halter with the Graphic Leggings for a colorful, playful – and did we mention adorable?! – duo.
Shop this look: Onzie Graphic Leggings($74) ,Onzie Mesh Halter ($32), Converse ($60), Liforme Mat ($120)

Your yoga clothing is your favorite clothing to wear – and our’s too! Why not make the most of this awesome aspect of your wardrobe by finding fun outfits you can wear for nearly every occasion? We just love Onzie for their super cute, unique, and affordable designs that work as well on the mat as they do for your life beyond it.
What’s your favorite Onzie ensemble? Please share in the comments below – we love talking yoga fashion!

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