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Why You Should Trash Your Vision Board ASAP

Today I trashed my vision board. What?! Yes, you should trash your vision board and this article explains why.

If you’re into yoga, you probably know what a vision board is or perhaps even have yours hanging in a prominent spot in your home. Vision boards are a place where you paste images and words of all the people, places and things you want to manifest in your life.

Our minds are powerful. The theory of the vision board is that you need to tell your mind what you want. Place it on the board. Look at it every day. Then – and this step is important – feel it like it already exists in your life in every cell of your being. Finally, wait for it . . . the magic happens . . . and it manifests in your life (trust me it works).

Many people place a million dollar check on their board. Images of sailboats, mountains, beaches, the perfect home, beautiful places you’d like to travel, the perfect mate or perhaps your ideal body shape.
Mine includes items I perceive as more wholesome than objects – like free time with family, more organic/vegetarian meals with friends, more practice time, pictures of teachers I seek to emulate, and the phrase “ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD,” intended to offset my habit of getting way too busy and stressing out.


Here’s Why You Should Trash Your Vision Board

Today, I threw my vision board in the trash.

You may be thinking “why in the world would you want me to trash all that!?” If manifested, I’d have the life I’ve always dreamed of. What could be better than that?

What if, by having a vision board, you’re subconsciously telling yourself things aren’t already perfect?

I’ll tell you what IS better than all that. How about realizing that you are – and always have been – OK. No, scratch that – you are absolutely perfect – right now in this very moment.

What if by putting all those people, places and things up on your vision board, you’re subconsciously telling yourself that things aren’t already perfect as they currently are? You are suffering from what the Buddhists call “Dukkha” – the sense that something just ain’t right as-is.

The mistake we are making is putting something between where we are right now and our happiness.

The next step in the chain of this dissatisfaction is looking to (craving) outside people, places and things to “get happy.” If I could just line things up in just the right way, then, then, I’ll be happy. Consider the craving, striving, and dissatisfaction with the way things currently are that come with the daily struggle to achieve your vision of ‘perfect.’

The mistake we are making is putting something between where we are right now and our happiness. If I just had the right girl or guy, the right car, more friends, more zeros after that number in the bank account . . . then . . . then . . . I’ll be happy.

You Are Enough. You Do Enough. You Have Enough.

If this was true, wouldn’t you be happy by now after all the hard work and striving to achieve more/different/better that you’ve already done? You may want to stop and ask yourself the question, “Has it ever been enough?”

Ask yourself, “Has everything in my life ever been perfect and just how I want it?” Do you really think sometime in the future you will achieve all the goals on your vision board and then arrive at Happy?

Take a deep breath. Settle in. Feel that in this moment you have already arrived. You Are Enough. You Do Enough. You Have Enough.

Today I encourage you to literally – or at least metaphorically – throw away that vision board (and the meditation on becoming more/better/different) and wake up to the fact that you have already arrived.

You are perfect. Peaceful. At ease. Right now, right here, in this very moment. From this place of peace, you won’t need a vision board – you’ll know exactly how to live your life and recognize the abundant potential for happiness all around.

Ready to stop chasing and start living within your already-perfect nature? Join Erik for a day of mindfulness via the AWAKE Mindful Living community.

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Erik Vienneau

Erik Vienneau of AWAKE Mindful Living meets people where they are along the path of wellness to offer opportunities to discover a peaceful and health-filled life. When he's not on his cushion you'll find him being simple and easy with friends and family. He believes "Peaceful Minds Create a Peaceful Planet.”

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