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Raw Caramel Apple Pie Recipe That’ll Make Your Grandma Cry

Did you ever try to eat a caramel apple and end up more sticky than satisfied? Well, now you can have the apple + caramel combo without the gooey mess! Not only does this pie hit the mark for your new fall favorite. . . but, thanks to the garbanzo beans, you get protein and fiber in every bite. Plus, this delicious caramel apple pie has no added refined sugar!
That’s right – there are actually garbanzo beans – plus no added sugar – in this recipe . . . and trust me, it tastes amazing!!
The no-added-sugar-yet-still-tastes-amazing secret is in the lucuma powder, a natural sugar replacement derived from the Peruvian lucuma fruit. It is worth hunting down online as it gives a smooth caramel flavor to any recipe.

That’s right – there are actually garbanzo beans – plus no added sugar – in this recipe . . . and trust me, it tastes amazing!!


Recipe serves 8 happy people.


Pie Crust Ingredients:


Pie Filling Ingredients:

For the crust, process oats and shredded coconut on high in a food processor until it reaches the consistency of coarse flour. Add the almond butter, coconut oil, salt and a ½ cup of raisins. Process on high for approximately 30 seconds. Add the remaining raisins and applesauce. Pulse until the crust begins to come together and pulls away from the bowl. Press into a springform pan. Chill in the refrigerator or freezer while making the filling.
Thinly slice unpeeled apples by hand, on a mandoline or by using the slicing disc of a food processor. Set aside.
For the caramel filling, add all ingredients, minus the apples, to a high speed blender. Process on high speed for approximately 60 seconds, or until fully incorporated and smooth. Remove the crust from the refrigerator or freezer and layer apples on top of the crust. Spread the caramel filling over the apples. Lightly sprinkle with pecans, if desired. Place the pie in the refrigerator for at least one hour to firm.

Store leftovers in the refrigerator, if any remain!
Serve this caramel apple pie to your friends, and they will be clammering for the recipe. Whether or not you decide to divulge your secrets is totally up to you! Just make sure to grab a picture of their surprise if you tell them the secret (healthy) ingredients inside. Enjoy!!

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Marci Barton

Marci Barton is a home-based mom who loves clean eating and crafting delicious recipes. Find more of her good eats and articles on life at

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