This Detergent Claims to Take the Smell Out of Your Yoga Clothes – Does it Work?

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As yogis and athletes, we’re used to sweating. We love a good sweat! But if you talk to any one of us, we know the struggle of sweaty activewear. How many times has your favorite top or bottom been ruined by the lasting stench of sweat that no amount of washes can get out?
OdorKlenz is a sports detergent that removes sweat and body odor. Big claims? We know! We admit that we were skeptical at first, coming from years of not really finding anything that really takes the odor out . . .
So – we put OdorKlenz to the test. We took it home and found the smelliest yoga and gym clothes we could get our hands on (don’t worry – they were ours) and washed them with the OdorKlenz Sport Laundry Additive.


Here’s What Happened

It actually worked. We tested it on a very old and worn exercise outfit, and also damp hot yoga clothes that had been sitting in a bag for three days (yuck!). They went into the washing machine with that faint yet distinct smell of old B.O. and came out smelling like new.
We were shocked . . . and also excited! Since OdorKlenz actually worked, we wanted to know how. So we did some research.

Here’s How OdorKlenz Works

Normal detergent uses fragrances and other ingredients (often times not-so-good-for-you chemicals) to mask the odors you think you’re washing out.
Instead, OdorKlenz contains ingredients that neutralize and actually remove the odor at the source. Yet OdorKlenz Sport Laundry Additive (which is not meant to replace your detergent) is fragrance free and non-toxic.
How is it so effective? The ingredients! This sports detergent contains safe, non-toxic, natural ingredients (our favorite feature of this product). Magnesium oxide, zinc oxide, and titanium dioxide with a water base are what make up this detergent.
The result is that it’s gentle enough to use on your yoga leggings and DRI-FIT clothing but effective enough to get the nastiest odors out.

Other Details You Need to Know

Safe for use on most fabrics – just avoid dry-clean only, silk, leather, satin or suede. While it’s meant to be used in combination with your regular detergent, do not combine it with bleach, vinegar, or other additives.
For best results, use with warm water, add an extra rinse at the end of the cycle, and use a cycle with more agitation. For small loads, add ¼ cup of the OdorKlenz additive to your detergent of choice. For bigger loads, use ½ cup additive with your detergent.

OdorKlenz Sport Powder

We also got to try out the Sport Powder, which is an odor eliminating powder that you can sprinkle directly into your shoes, gym bag, or any other fitness items you can’t easily wash in the washing machine.
It’s definitely worth including in this review, since the powder is also effective and super convenient. You can choose the family size or single season (what we featured in the video).

Get the Funk Out and Long Live Your Activewear

From the natural ingredients to how well these products work, the OdorKlenz Sport Laundry Additive is 100% YouAligned!
To learn more about the Sports Laundry Additive, you can click here or visit their website, odorklenz.com.

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