Here Are 7 Undeniable Reasons Why Millennials Are So Obsessed With Yoga

Yoga classes are packed to the gills with millennials. As millennials, we have discovered some serious benefits of a regular yoga practice . . . and we’re not going back any time soon.
Millennials know that with so many ways to practice, yoga is the best option for dealing with the stresses and expectations of life. We know that yoga is a fantastic way to keep our bodies, minds, and souls healthy, and we know our relationships become stronger when we become stronger.

First, Some Real Talk on Millennials

Ah, the elusive millennial. Millennials include anyone born between 1980 and 1997 and we’re known for our passion to ignite change. Brands can’t figure out how to advertise to us, older generations blame us for everything, and we’re over here just trying to live our best lives.
Yoga helps us do that, and it just feels damn good.

Here’s Why Millennials Are So Obsessed With Yoga

There are plenty of reasons millennials are obsessed with yoga. Here are just a few:

1. We’re Stressed the F*ck Out

Killing all these industries with our laziness is no easy feat! . . . just kidding. Millennials know we have to work way harder to prove ourselves at every turn.
We’re expected to go to college and make good grades. Then we work for free in some bullsh*t internship for “resume experience.” When we finally enter the workforce as real, salary-making adults, we’re barely making enough to cover rent and student loans. That’s enough to stress anyone out!
Thankfully yoga is there, reminding us to take a deep breath because everything is temporary. We will get through this.
Get your yoga on right now with this 10 Minute Yoga Sequence for Stress Relief.

2. Tone, Baby, Tone!

Have you ever woken up the day after an awesome yoga class with sore muscles you didn’t even know you had? Millennials know every yoga sesh is a great way to tone and stay fit.
The best part of this workout is that yoga is sneaky about making you strong. You think you’re relaxing, stretching, and having a good time when BAM! You can hold Chaturanga and Boat Pose without breaking a sweat.

3. Big Sweaty Yoga Hugs

No feeling compares to finding your yoga home, and millennials know this. We’re all looking for community and a space to feel grounded, and that’s a yoga studio!
You get to know the people you see every week and they get to know you. Your yoga buds keep you accountable so you show up to class. Because they know your life is way better with yoga in it. They know what poses you’re working on and cheer for you when you finally get your handstand away from the wall.
And after class . . . big, sweaty, wonderful yoga hugs to remind you that you belong in this community and these people have your back.
This doesn’t sound like your yoga home? It might be time to switch. Read What to Look for When Choosing a Yoga Studio.


4. Healthy Mind = Healthy Body

There’s no doubt that yoga keeps your mind and soul healthy in addition to giving your body an awesome workout. From taking a deep breath to relieve stress at work to trying new veggies, a healthy mind makes better choices for your body.
Millennials are obsessed with yoga because we know yoga goes way beyond our mats. When you’re in a good headspace it’s easier to eat better and develop healthy habits. Yoga teaches us to swap in that cookie for an apple. Unless you’re practicing self-love when you eat that cookie. 😉

5. Did Someone Say Festivals?

Yoga teaches millennials that life is all about experience. We don’t need as many material things as other generations because we place more value on life-changing experiences.
From Wanderlust to Burning Man, yoga festivals will absolutely give you that “I can’t believe I just did that!” feeling.
Did you know that yoga’s becoming a thing at Burning Man? Check out 10 Photos That Prove Burning Man Is a Yoga Paradise

6. Cute Yoga Accessories!

Yoga is a no-judgement zone all about self-expression and being true to who you are. Millennials have plenty of ways to express themselves with all the cute yoga accessories out there!
There’s something for every type of yogi. Awesome yoga mats and towels, adorable yoga pants, mala beads, and plenty of props to try out. With all of this at our disposal, we can really make every yoga experience unique!
For some awesome activewear, check out 15 Yoga + Activewear Brands We’re Currently Obsessing Over

7. Unattachment Is Where It’s At

Possibly the best part about yoga is that it teaches millennials the art of unattachment. Do you want to be older so you can say or do whatever you want? Well I have a secret to tell you. You can say and do whatever you want when you’re not attached to the outcome. (Use this power wisely!)
Yoga teaches to not care about the stuff that doesn’t matter. Other people’s opinions or social media accounts, whether or not you find immediate success, or even whether or not you land a challenging posture this month. Yoga gives millennials a focus on living life. Right here, right now.

Millennials Know Yoga is Totally Worth Obsessing Over

Our experience of the world causes millennials to value things differently. And since we’re broke, we have to put our money where our mouths are! We love self-love and healthy lifestyles, so it’s only natural that we’re obsessed with yoga.
Yoga keeps us sane and balanced. It encourages us to eat well and treat our bodies right. Yoga gives us the freedom to greet new opportunities with ease, without being attached to outcomes. And most of all, yoga teaches us that we are all one.
Namaste, friends!

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