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Product Review: Muse Meditation Headband

When it comes to product reviews, we don’t mess around. All of the items we review are put through the ringer of everyday use. You can trust that our reviews are non-biased and completely honest. Full disclosure: we don’t publish negative reviews. If a product doesn’t live up to our standards, we simply won’t promote it. Everyone has their own opinion – this is ours. Let’s get started.
Are you interested in meditating but feel like you don’t even know where to begin? Or perhaps you’ve tried meditating, but got disheartened after your thoughts began to race and you weren’t sure how to combat it? As yogis, we are well aware of the benefits of meditation. Yet many of us are unsure how to begin, or don’t feel like we are equipped with the knowledge or awareness to establish a meditation practice.
This is where Muse comes onto the scene to save the day! Introducing brain sensing headphones that provide real-time feedback on what’s actually going on in your brain while you meditate. And while this technological feat is impressive in its own rite, Muse has been dubbed your meditation’s personal assistant! Let’s find out why this technological tool is so revolutionary to your meditation practice.


What is it?

Muse is a Bluetooth-enabled wireless headband that senses your brain’s activity during meditation. You connect to it via Bluetooth, and then sync it with the Muse app. From there, you simply put the headband on, find a comfortable seat, and prepare for meditation!
These Muse headbands have proven so effective that over 100 hospitals and research institutions nationwide have adopted them. Avalon Hills Eating Disorder Center gives every patient a Muse headband. The Mayo Clinic is now using Muse to help breast cancer patients calm and de-stress pre-surgery. Celebrities like Deepak Chopra and Olympic athletes have even started using Muse. Amazing technology doing amazing things to help people – now that’s what we like to see!

What does it do?

Muse actually tracks your brain’s activity and in turn, allows you to witness your mind’s movement (is it calm and clear, or is it active with racing thoughts?) while you meditate. The technology comes into play by providing you with real-time feedback while you’re meditating. The app on your phone will record this data and display it for you to view after each meditation session. The app has points you gain and goals for you to achieve to help you stay motivated and actively engaged in your blossoming meditation practice. People are using the Muse headband to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, to sleep better, and to learn how to be more present, whether it’s during meditation or throughout your daily life.

How do I use it?

Once you’ve completed the initial set-up process of linking your headband to your Bluetooth device and then downloading and connecting the corresponding app, you are free to use Muse every day with ease. It’s as simple as turning on the headband (which will automatically connect to your smart device after the initial set-up), launching the app on your device, and settling in for meditation.
But what about once you’re meditating? This is where it gets really fascinating! Muse provides real-time feedback on your brain patterns. It does this by translating the brain signals into sounds of wind. When your mind is calm, you hear gentle winds. When your mind is racing, the winds begin to blow, just like a rising storm. This is how Muse interacts real-time with your meditating mind, actively teaching you how to recognize its activity, which then leads to your increased ability to control it.

Helpful tips

While the Muse headband is incredibly helpful during your meditation sessions, it is the Muse app on your smart device that logs your progress and offers fun interactive incentives to keep you on track. This app is a crucial part of your learning and growing process, so follow through and stay with it! View the app almost like a game – not only can you track your progress through visual graphs and charts; you will also be given points, goals, and bonuses – all part of keeping you engaged and motivated.

Best Feature

We just love all that Muse has to offer. This headband is truly revolutionary technology, with the honorable purpose of improving your mindfulness, your ability to focus and remain present, and improving your quality of life overall as a result. That being said, the best feature is the continued progress that Muse promises. While the app allows you to interact with your progress like a fun game, the serious benefits of Muse are no joke. You will experience immediate guidance from the real-time feedback.
The other amazing feature is the length of your meditation. You will always take one minute for a calibration exercise before beginning your meditation. After that, you can choose from sessions that last between three to twenty minutes and longer – perfect for any schedule.
Yet the best feature is your continued growth, and your favorite part of this experience will be the moment you see its effects on you outside of meditation – in the real world. Muse is changing lives for the better, one meditation session at a time.


The Muse headband is visibly high-quality. The fit can be adjusted, and the headband rests comfortably across your forehead. The headband is lightweight and comes with five forehead sensors, five LED lights, two charging ports, and two ear sensors, all designed to deliver the most accurate real-time feedback. The entire program is organized seamlessly, from the simple Bluetooth pairing process to the easy app installation and syncing. Each part of the Muse experience is designed by neuroscience and meditation experts, so you know that what you’re getting is top of the line scientifically and technologically. Given these impressive, groundbreaking features, the $299 price tag is a justified and worthwhile investment in your long-term wellbeing.
Why choose Muse? The results are undeniable, and learning how to meditate – learning how to calm and control your mind – has never been easier. It’s a pleasant and perhaps unexpected surprise to see technology interfacing with spirituality so seamlessly, but when technology can be used as a vehicle for personal growth and establishing a deeper sense of calm and feeling of self-empowerment, that’s a beautiful thing. The added fact that Muse is already making a difference in the lives of cancer and other medical patients is just another reason to support this revolutionary company. For all these reasons, YouAligned™ proudly supports the Muse movement. Take part and take control of your life!

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