What Is Name Numerology? Here’s How to Use This Tool to Determine Your Life Path

Your name is symbolic. It defines who you are and the way in which others perceive you. It’s the gateway into your soul. When parents decide on names for their newborn children, they typically look for names that have stature, elegance, and grace. And it all comes down to the power of name numerology.

Has anyone ever told you that you are unforgettable or that your energy is magnetic? This compliment is related to your name and the vibration it carries numerically. Your name is your birth-given statement, and it’s deeply connected to the doctrines of numerology.

About Name Numerology

Your name holds infinite power because the letters of your name correspond to numbers and frequencies. Each letter influences how you view the world and yourself. The way in which each letter is placed relates specifically to you! Name numerology is an expression of an your personality, and it’s inherently linked to your ambitions and your life purpose.
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Let’s Talk About the Alphabet

Each letter of the Latin alphabet corresponds to a number 1-9, as indicated in the chart and process below. You can use this chart and process to figure out the number that corresponds with your name. Once you have discovered your number, you can better understand aspects relating to your character. Let’s use the example of my first name, Nicky, to understand this more clearly.
Alphabet Chart:
    1 = a, j, s
    2 = b, k, t
    3 = c, l, u
    4 = d, m, v
    5 = e, n, w
    6 = f, o, x
    7 = g, p, y
    8 = h, q, z
    9 = i, r
Example: Nicky
N=5, I=9, C=3, K=2, Y=7
5+9+3+2+7 = 26
Total = 2+6= 8
My name number is 8
Once you’ve discovered your name number, you can find out what it means here.


Now That You Know Your Name Number, Let’s Dive Deeper into Name Numerology

You can dive deeper into your life’s purpose by understanding what the individual letters of your name mean in name numerology. Here you’ll learn what the cornerstone, capstone and first vowel of your name correspond to.

Meaning of the Cornerstone

The cornerstone is the first letter to your name and depicts aspects of your personality, demeanor, and how you perceive life. It gives an indication to how you cope and handle adversities and overcome them. The cornerstone is pivotal for your life path as it relates to how learn from experiences.

Meaning of the Capstone

The capstone is the last letter of your name. It brings insight to how you complete tasks and pursue projects to the end. The cornerstone and capstone solidify your name numerology and life path.

Meaning of the First Vowel

The first vowel of your first name is related to your core belief system, dreams, and what motivates you. It truly is the gateway to your spirit. Your name may start with a vowel in which case you have the cornerstone and vowel influence in your collective energy.
Using my name as an example:
Cornerstone: N
Capstone: Y
The first vowel: I
You can find out what these letters mean in your name here

What Did You Learn From Your Name Numerology?

Your name is deeply connected to your life path. Own it, love it, rock it, and be badass! Your name is a mirror image of your infinite being – the grandest version of you! Make no mistake: your name was selected for a reason and carries a specific frequency. It is sacred, and an element to your demeanor and presence. It unleashes magic to the all the infinite possibilities within you!
What did you learn about yourself through this exercise? Tell us in the comments!

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Nicky Sehra

A graduate of History & Corporate Communications and Public Relations in Ontario, Nicky is a wanderlust and modern day spiritual woman who enjoys the simple pleasures of life. Nicky loves to teach yoga, travel, and inspire humanity through her writings. Her aim is to leave everyone she meets with a sparkle of kindness, peace and love.

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