Review of the Awesome Toes! Toe Separators from Yoga Body Naturals (Video)

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Think about the last time you were stuck wearing uncomfortable shoes that hurt your feet. Perhaps the shoes made it difficult to walk, gave you blisters, or felt too narrow for your foot. Whatever the cause of uncomfortable footwear, we’ve all been there. And it’s not a great feeling!
Yet even worse than the annoying pain and discomfort that uncomfortable shoes create, did you know that wearing shoes that are too narrow, too high, or in any way constricting can actually cause long-term damage far beyond blisters, foot pain, and callouses?
Most modern footwear is actually damaging for your feet. While it’s pretty obvious in the context of high heels, it’s actually all types of shoes that can potentially hurt your feet and cause short- and long-term damage (think bunions, bad posture, foot deformation, balance issues, and even knee, hip, and back problems). Yikes!
Enter the Awesome Toes! toe separators by Yoga Body Naturals. Think pedicure separators meets Dr. Scholl’s insoles. These natural silicone toe separators are comfortable, flexible, and super versatile, not to mention easy to use and wear.

Let’s check out this product and see why it’s so good for the overall health and wellbeing of your precious footsies!



What are Awesome Toes! Toe Separators?

While you may recognize the same basic concept from pedicure toe separators, these toe separators go way above and beyond in how they look, feel, and function. This simple design is made with latex-free, natural silicone. They are super comfy and can be worn in bed, around the house, practicing yoga, and even out and about with flip-flops or wide-toed shoes!
These are corrective toe spacers, meaning they are designed and meant to help reverse the negative effects and damage caused by wearing modern footwear. Wearing them will rearrange the soft tissues of your feet so you get back to the stance and alignment nature intended.

How do the Awesome Toes! Toe Separators work?

If you think about how toe separators feel, it will begin to explain how they work with your feet. Your toes are spread out, stretched, and lengthened.

While it’s a weird feeling at first, it quickly feels like relief – your toes and feet are able to stretch and extend to their normal, original length – the length they were intended to be always!

Over time, the shoes we wear begin to constrict this extension through the toes and feet, ultimately resulting in physically changing and disfiguring their shape and structure. Pretty scary, yet it’s a reality that the majority of us experience on a regular basis! Wearing Awesome Toes! will reverse these effects and help restore your feet to their natural form.

What will I gain by using these?

Freedom! For your toes anyway . . . But in all seriousness, these toe separators will help relieve foot pain, and also help alleviate conditions like overlapping toes, bunions, blisters and plantar fasciitis. They can also help increase your athletic performance and improve your balance as well as your overall posture.

You can do yoga with toe separators?

We already thought Awesome Toes! were pretty snazzy, but then we realized you could do yoga in them . . . Think about how squished your toes get from wearing shoes day after day. It makes sense those squished toes would make balancing really challenging. When we incorporate the toe separators, we’re spreading them back out and creating a more stable surface area as a foundation to balance on.

Here are a few yoga poses you can practice wearing Awesome Toes!:

Chair pose: By pressing down actively through all four corners of your feet in Chair pose, the toe separators will help build strength, balance, and flexibility in your feet.
Crescent pose: Both feet (but particularly the back foot with the heel lifted) will find extension, stretching, and engagement in both feet.
Kneeling toe stretch: By wearing the toe separators in the pose that already targets a toe stretch, you get a deep stretch into all ten toes, and down into the arches and metatarsal bones.
Tree pose: A great pose to test your balance, incorporating the separators will increase your strength, mobility, and balance.

What else do I need to know?

When you purchase your Awesome Toes!, you will gain access to Yoga Body Naturals’ high-quality tutorial videos. Everything from an introductory video to tutorials for incorporating them into yoga poses, and even how to clean them (which is super easy).
Also, it’s important to start off slow. Begin by wearing the separators for 20-30 minutes a day. You’ll start feeling the shifts and changes pretty quick, so ease your way in and gradually increase the amount of time you wear them for.
Finally, as we mentioned before, you can wear these while you’re walking, hiking, and running in wide-toed athletic shoes. It’s a great way to support healthy toe alignment while you’re doing physical activity.

The verdict

We love Awesome Toes! for all the good they’re bringing to footsies everywhere. At $30, you’re investing in a simple and affordable way to improve the feel, performance, and appearance of your feet. In yoga poses, we build from the ground up. Build your health, wellness, and quality of life from the ground up and take care of feet – you only get one pair!
Interested in learning more about the product or Yoga Body Naturals in general? Click here.

This article and all included information is not intended as medical advice and does not treat or diagnose. Please consult your doctor for any health-related questions or concerns.

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