5 Manageable Morning Routine Hacks for Night Owls

There’s no shortage of morning routine guides out there, but what about for the night owls among us?

Raise your hand if you’ve tried (and failed) about a million times to will yourself into being an early riser, because every self help article makes it seem like a killer morning routine has to involve waking up, charging your crystals, meditating, and drinking a green smoothie all before the sun rises?

If you’ve felt the pressure, but your body says otherwise, you’re not alone.

Read on for tips on a morning routine that actually works for you and your body’s natural internal clock – no 5 AM sun salutations required!


Can a Night Owl Have a Morning Routine? What’s the Science Between Being a Night Owl?

Everyone has a chronotype, which we commonly refer to as either “early bird” or “night owl.” Approximately one third of people are night owls – which means your energy levels, productivity, even your metabolism and hormones, are all on a slightly later schedule than an early riser’s, due to a combination of genetics and environment.

The best morning routine is one that works with and honors your body’s natural patterns

If you feel your most productive and sharp when everyone else is winding down and naturally don’t get tired until late, say 11 PM or later – roll with it! The best morning routine is one that works with and honors your body’s natural patterns. So if you know you’re a night owl, don’t try to force yourself not to be!

One note – having the luxury to be in charge of your own schedule is a privilege, which we acknowledge not everyone has. Even if your schedule is largely out of your control, we hope you’ll be able to incorporate the following tips in a way that makes sense for you.

Here Are 5 Morning Routine Hacks for Night Owls:

Because there’s a healthy way to stay up late and still be productive and feel your best!

1. Use Your Evenings Wisely

Much of society operates around the traditional nine to five work routine. And while that routine works for some, if you’re a night owl, it probably isn’t working great for you . . . Which is why it’s important to use your time in the evenings wisely.

Full of energy at midnight? Rock on! If you’re able to use your evenings to get bursts of work done, tackle a side project or workout, do so. You’ll feel more accomplished and set up for success when you wake up the next day.

2. Consistent Bedtimes Are Everything

Before we get to the morning routine itself, the night before sets the tone.

Just because we’re giving ourselves permission to stay up late doesn’t mean we can throw all good bedtime habits to the wayside. Studies show it’s consistency more than the exact time that matters most when it comes to healthy sleep habits. So pick a bedtime, albeit a later one, and stick to it!

Strategies like staying off electronics before you’re trying to fall asleep, keeping your room cool and dark, and creating a soothing, comfortable sleep space can all help you doze off quickly and stay asleep.

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3. How About a Mini Morning Routine for Night Owls?

Odds are you’ve probably heard about the best steps for a morning routine (but just in case, you’ll find many great options here). Since you’re waking later and need to get going with your day, pick steps that speak to you and condense them down!

You can pack a lot into fifteen minutes. For example, meditate for one minute, journal five things you’re grateful for, do a quickie five minute stretch session, drink water and enjoy a simple breakfast you prepared the night before (overnight oats, anyone?).

No need to meditate, read the NY Times, and spend an hour checking email before the sun comes up! Though maybe all of these things sound great for you later this evening . . .

Bonus Tip: You can take any of these “morning habits” and turn them into your “evening habits.” Journaling before you fall asleep for example can relieve stress and help you gather your thoughts before the coming day.

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4. Prep for Success the Night Before

Having the self awareness you’re not (and likely never) will be a morning person means you can make smart “hacks” that prepare you for the inevitable.

Lay out outfits the night before (when all natural brain power can make good fashion choices!) and consider meal prepping. Most of what morning routines seek to accomplish during the day, you can accomplish throughout your evening!

5. Last but Definitely Not Least, Ditch the Guilt

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the most important step to having the best morning routine is ditching the expectation of how it should look!

If you have the luxury to live life on your clock, do so proudly. Knowing yourself and living in sync with your true genetic predisposition should feel empowering and affirming. Not shameful.

Guilt Free Morning Routines For Night Owls

There’s no brownie points for being an early riser, and countless wildly successful people identify as night owls. Just because society hypes up the early rising schedule doesn’t mean it’s for everyone.

So set the alarm back, enjoy burning the midnight oil, and embrace your inner night owl proudly!

We’d love to hear your morning or evening routine hacks. Comment below and let us know!

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