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Why Women Are Paying Over $100 For This Lux Face Cremé

“Organic” is a word we’re hearing more and more of these days. And that’s definitely a good thing! From food and household to beauty and skincare, in the age of chemical-this and synthetic-that, it’s crucial that we pay attention to what we’re introducing to our bodies.
While we can all appreciate the importance of choosing natural and organic products, nobody wants to compromise quality and performance. Nobody wants to spend a ton of money, but everybody wants a product that works!
So – where’s the happy medium?
We’ve all tried the off the shelf products from the grocery store, and many of us have explored the more expensive counterparts too.
Is there really a difference between big-box brands and the higher priced, luxury items? And if so, is it worth the higher price tag?

Is it worth the higher price tag?

Taking care of your body’s biggest organ (your skin!) is important. What many people don’t realize is that your skin acts as a giant sponge, absorbing whatever you’re putting on it. That brings us back to the topic of organic.

Why it’s important to buy organic skincare products:

  • Avoid health-hazardous chemicals that can seep into your skin
  • Avoid drying and other adverse effects caused by alcohol, parabens, etc.
  • Actually know what’s in the products you’re putting on your skin
  • Live a toxin-free lifestyle


Here’s the Scoop on Skin Care products

Brands like Paris Honoré are developing luxury, organic skincare products with high-quality ingredients, and there seems to be a growing market for this.
Why? Because we have reached a point in modern-day society where we have to scrutinize the products we use to make sure they are natural, organic, and free of parabens, sulfates, bleach, and other harmful ingredients. The fact of the matter is if you are not choosing natural and organic, you are exposing your body to potentially hazardous chemicals.

The skincare industry is unregulated by the FDA, and many products have a variety of ingredients that contain skin irritants, carcinogens and endocrine disrupters.

Remember how we said your skin is like a sponge?
Scary fact: Your skin absorbs these ingredients every time you use them, and this repeated use can be extremely harmful to your health.
This would explain why people are willing to spend more on their skincare products. It seems the fewer ingredients, the higher the price tag. Or perhaps it’s the higher the quality of ingredients, the higher the price tag, which contextualizes the saying “you get what you pay for.” Turns out that people who are spending big bucks on their skin care products aren’t as crazy we may think.

If you don’t know what the ingredient is, should you really be putting it on your body?

The bottom line? We’ve come to a point where people are willing to pay more for healthy, quality ingredients they can trust, whether that’s for groceries at Whole Foods or for lux skincare products.
The organic face cremé from Paris Honoré is a great example. At $118, this anti-aging face cremé is not cheap. Yet women are raving about it.
About the Paris Honoré line, one review said, it “…was one of the nicest I’ve tried in years. It’s not inexpensive, but the travel product is stellar, and it’s unisex, and organic with antimicrobial, antifungal, and biodegradable properties. I’m giving this four stars!”
Note that each Paris Honoré product featured is offered in a variety of hand-blended scents. If you are looking for a new, healthier alternative to conventional skincare products and feel it is worth the added cost, check out Paris Honoré. Their entire luxury line is natural, hand-blended, high-quality, and formulated with ingredients you can trust. Paris Honoré does offer travel sizes in manny of their products that are less expensive and a great option if you’d like to give their product a try.

About Paris Honoré products:

  • Vegan and Gluten-Free
  • Natural, Organic, and Biodegradable
  • Hand-blended scents
  • Cruelty Free (no animal testing)
  • Paraben-, Petrochemical-, Phosphate-, Sulfate-, and Triclosan-free
  • Alcohol-, Bleach-, and Formaldehyde-free
  • USA-based
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